Environmental, Social and Governance

Environmental, Social and Governance

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As part of Artis’ vision, to build a best-in-class asset management and investment platform focused on growing net asset value per unit and distributions for investors through value investing in real estate, the REIT is committed to making ESG a focal point and to establishing a company-wide ESG-minded culture.

Artis’ Board of Trustees is responsible for the stewardship of Artis and for overseeing the conduct of business of Artis and the activities of management. The Governance, Nominating and Compensation Committee is responsible for providing leadership in shaping the governance policies and practices of the REIT, including the environmental and social governance of Artis.

Artis strives to be a sustainability leader, and to demonstrate a high standard of ESG consciousness and best practices through its commitment to ongoing review, transparency and performance. Some of Artis’ ESG priorities for the future include:

        • Improve operating efficiencies by establishing sustainability targets with respect to achieving reductions in carbon pollution, energy consumption, water consumption and waste;
        • Continue to strive for excellence by aligning a portion of performance-based compensation with achieving ESG targets;
        • Participate in GRESB, with a focus on continuously improving Artis’ rating;
        • Target environmental certification wherever possible and prioritize sustainable design and components on all new ground-up development projects; and
        • Continue to enhance disclosure and publish an annual ESG report providing regular updates on our progress.