Corporate Governance

Artis REIT’s Board of Trustees believe that sound governance practices are essential with respect to the long-term interests of Artis and the enhancement of value for all of its unitholders. The Board of Trustees recognizes that proper and effective corporate governance is a significant concern and priority for investors and other stakeholders. Accordingly, a number of policies and procedures have been implemented to ensure appropriate governance practices.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Whistleblower Protection Policy
Board Mandate
Declaration of Trust
Privacy Policy
Board Chair Position Description
Committee Chair Position Description
CEO Position Description
Board Diversity and Renewal Policy
Insider Trading and Blackout Policy

Board of Trustees

Artis REIT has a strong Board of Trustees who collectively bring a solid background in real estate and prior public company experience to the table. A majority of the Trustees are independent of the REIT and the Board strives to follow best practices in corporate governance.

The Board has three committees: Audit Committee, Governance, Nominating and Compensation Committee & Investment Committee.

Please see below for the charter for each committee: