Corporate Profile

Artis REIT (TSX: AX.UN) is an unincorporated closed-ended real estate investment trust primarily focused on creating value for Unitholders through the investment in and ownership of quality commercial properties in select markets.

Artis REIT’s portfolio is comprised of industrial, retail, and office space in Canada and the United States.

Our Objective
Artis REIT’s primary objective is to maximize total returns to our Unitholders.
Returns include a stable, reliable, and tax efficient monthly cash distribution as well as long-term appreciation in the value of Artis REIT’s units.

Our Strategy
Artis REIT’s management employs several key strategies to meet our primary objective.

Portfolio Diversification. We build stability into our cash flows through a strategy of diversification. Our commercial properties are well diversified across the industrial, retail, and office asset classes. We are also geographically diversified with properties owned across western Canada, as well as Ontario, and in select markets in the United States.

Portfolio Expansion. We build growth into our cash flows through the efficient sourcing and deployment of capital into high-quality and accretive acquisition opportunities in our target markets, or into high-yield intensification or (re)development opportunities that exist within our property portfolio.

Managing for Value Creation. We build value through the active management of our portfolio, leveraging off the experience and expertise of our management team. We focus on maximizing property value and cash flows over the long term, creating additional value through the selective disposition of assets at premium prices, and reinvesting and repositioning the portfolio on an on-going basis in higher growth markets.

Artis REIT’s Management Team

Artis REIT’s management team has over 200 years of collective experience in construction, development, and management of commercial and other properties in Canada and the United States. The management team at Artis REIT has implemented a prudent investment strategy, which includes stringent acquisition criteria, a conservative financing approach, and the development of excellent deal flow in its target markets.

Artis REIT is fully-internalized and operates its own asset management and property management functions. These functions are responsible for the day-to-day management of the REIT’s portfolio as well as administrative services.